Welcome To Evader USA!

Welcome to EvaderUSA, where the finest Electric Motorcycles, Electric Scooters and Electric Bicycles may be purchased at a reasonable price. We will ship your order to your doorsteps!

Welcome to the world of No minimum orders. This means that you can purchase one unit or as many units as you want. 

Now, we are only selling two different models. They are:

The EV50-MX3 which we have nicknamed “METRO” and
The EV50-EVSPA, that because of its classic Italian look we have nicknamed “RETRO”.

For now, these two models are the only ones that we have in production, though this may change soon.

For wholesalers and importers, we want to inform you that we are ready to sell whole containers full which can fit up to 50 units. For wholesale prices and other pertinent information please call or email us.

However, we have our own healthy inventory in Miami, Florida and we can ship individual units to anyone who purchases them from us directly. A freight price will be quoted to the buyer in dependence of address and this amount will be added to the cost of the unit purchased. WANT TO SEND YOUR SCOOTER TO CUBA ENVIAR A CUBA

Individual units come in a carton box which covers a metal frame that protects the content from harm. The dimensions of each box are: Length 74 inches, Width 24 inches, Height 45 inches. The weight of the box is 290 pounds and includes a ready to go unit fitted with new batteries, charger and instructions. These boxes can be shipped anywhere in the United States via truck with liftgate.
Each box is palletized, lifted off ground, precisely to allow it to be picked up by a forklift. We have tried to think of everything to make shipping an easy task.

Both models have a promotional introductory price of $1,500.00 (One thousand five hundred dollars). This price does not include shipping.
You may purchase online with total confidence and full warranty. To purchase click here

Contact information:
Office Miami: 305-791-6040 (Leave message or text)
Fax: 305-848-7585

Email: sales@evaderusa.com
Management: 305-608-6813 (Leave message or text)